Hi guys. It has been a while again. A lot have happened lately and I was therefore unable to play poker or at least play a lot less and didn't had any time to really follow the forums or write my own posts.

As I wrote in a previous post I became father in april. This really affected my play the past 2 months. I was just to tired to stay concentrated while playing. This resulted in a more or less automatic game play where I was just looking at my cards and I wasn't really thinking about my actions. Despite that I just wanted to play poker as much as possible, but this resulted in a major downswing which I will have to recover from as soon as I start playing again. I also hurt my back a few weeks ago when I tried to move something heasvy. This disabled me for at least a week. I couldn't even sit without pain so playing poker was out of the question.

Because of this, I also missed some great promotions like zoom and boom and the zoom 100 MTT which I would have loved to play as I'm focussing on zoom for such a long time right now, I should have had an edge there I think.

So now everything is starting to calm down again and I hope to be able to pick up where I've left and start playing some solid poker again really soon. I will continue my journey at the 10NL zoom tables and see if I can recover my loses. 

I also want to do more learning instead of just playing a lot of hands. So I started to read a new pokerbook. I really hope I can get some good ideas from it. I'll also start watching some videos again on PSO as it has been a while since the last video I watched.

I'll keep you updated. Gl at the tables!