So I've started playing 10NL zoom two weeks ago and can say I'm running hot!  Here my latest stats. 

Hands: 4998
BB/100: 28.21
Won $: 141,-
VPIP: 23.1
PFR: 17.3
3BET: 3.81
WTSD%: 23.3
W$SD%: 53.0
Agg: 2.72

It's not a big sample. But I think I'm doing a fine job till now and hope I can continue this way. 

Biggest pot I've won:

Slowplaying aces can be dangerous. However I don't think villain didn't make a real mistake until the river. I decided to shove the river for max value when I hit top set.  The pot was 110bb and I've shown a lot of aggression. The shove was a nice overbet for another 135bb. Probably villain didn't believe me or thought I had KK, AQ or so. I don't know. But calling these bets on the river with only pocket aces is just burning money!! So please don't (unless you play against me )

Another interesting hand:

Funny to see it's an AA hand again. I've picked up the nuts OTF and villain donks. As I've top set I am never folding here. He could easily have a weaker Ax hand two pair or lower set maybe 89s. So I decided to put in a smaller reraise to keep him in the hand with Ax type of hands or draws. Villain then checked the turn so I put in a bet however I think it could have been a bit bigger like $2.20 or so. He just called so maybe AJ or a set or still drawing? 89s just hit two pair. Then the river I just shoved as I thought he would just call a shove as easily as a moderate raise (or reraise me with the nuts) with that range. Villain indeed called. What do you think villian showed? Í'll post the result in a couple of days

So I'll keep grinding 10NL zoom for the rest of the month and see how the story continues.. I'll let you all know.

Gl at the tables!!


Too bad nobody reacted\ to the above hand. But I'll still post the actual hand for the interested people:

I didn't see that one comming!  Ouch! Me smell fishy!