Hi to you all! It has been a crazy time previous 10 days as on 19th of April my 2nd son Lyam Quinlan is born. Labour was a hell and we had to go to the hospital with the ambulance after my son was born. So we had not a really good start. But now I can say that everything is back on track again and my wife and son are doing well and I can say I'm a proud dad again. So here just a quick flick to show of the results of my best session of this month

So what about poker. Well actually I'm back to square one again. I ended last month with a BR of about $100. I don't know how I manage to do it, but each time I hit this amount I start to play -EV sessions (like 8 BI under EV), causing me to tilt and I end up losing most of my BR. Pfff. I had to start over again. It also had to do with opening my range too much. I think Mr Harrington called it going over the edge in one of his books. I think I went over the edge, fence, through the wall and fell of the planet. So I just tightened a bit again and it looks promising. So here my graph from februari till now.

You can see where I started my losing sessions and it took me quite some hands (about 7k) to stop this trend. Lets hope that next month will be a bit more prosper and bring my BR back on track.