So here a litle update on my 5NL adventure. I've played about 56k hands since I moved up to 5NL (1st of march). So I've succeeded to put in some volume to be able to tell you how I'm doing so far. It has been a bumpy ride. I've tried many things and I'm not really dissapointed in the results as I'm not really losing money over a substantial sample already. However I'm also not that happy as my results are actually more flatlined than I would like. I play sessions of 2k hands with winrates of 16+ bb/100 but sometimes I play -16 bb/100 sessions so I really have to find a way to minimize my loses in those sessions as they negate my winnings. Here my graph so far: 


The last 10k-15k hands I'm experimenting with opening my preflop range in order to improve my postflop play as I really think this is necessary (or at least a good thing to do) in order to be able to move up in stakes later this year. I also think there is a lot of extra money that can be won at 5NL when playing a wider range. So yesterday I finally managed to play a winning session over 2k hands with a 24/17 range. I do think this gap is a bit too big and I alreay have an idea where it comes from so I'm going to work on this. Here my session graph and stats:

Hands: 2038
BB/100: 16.63
Won $: 16.95
VPIP: 24.6
PFR: 17.3
3BET: 4.58
WTSD%: 30.9
W$SD%: 52.4
Agg: 1.36 (a bit low but that's also because of the big VPIP/PFR gap, I think)

I noticed yesterday that I succeeded to adapt my play in my last session to a wider preflop range. So now we'll have to see if I can continue my winning sessions with this range. The funny thing is that my non showdown winnings at the end of the session is going upwards for the first time since I play 5NL (over a few hundred of hands). Is this because I adapted my play or is this just because of the cards? Who knows. We'll find out as I continue my 5NL adventure.

So BR wise it's not going anywhere. I hoped to be $100+ by the end of March, but then I had a -8 and -2 BI session the last two days. I did manage to win some BI back, but I've still some work to do.

Story continues...

Happy grinding to ya all!!