So February is coming to its end. With still a few days to go I only have written one blog this month so I decided to write an update at the end of the day as this is a special day for me as today is my forth anniversary. 4 years ago at this day I married the women that I love! So it should be a special day and actually it looks like it also brings me prosperity. How so you ask?

 Well. First of all I managed to fix my laptop that I use for both work and poker. It’s an old Dell XPS laptop that has a cruising temperature of about 60 degree Celsius!! If you don’t want kids, then just put the laptop on your lap and start to play some poker. But watch out to not burn your nuts. You have been warned! Actually it didn’t work for me as I already have a 3 year old and the 2nd is on the way (still less than 8 weeks to go), so maybe you want to keep using other precautions also . Ok. So now probably a lot of people think… ‘Well I fixed my computer a dozen times’. Well me too, but this time it was a bit different. This time I ‘reflowed’ (I think that is how it’s called) my video card. That means I dismantled my laptop, took out my video card and put it for 10 minutes in the oven. Yeah you heard me right. In the oven!! Before I did this, diagnostic tools mentioned some problems with my video memory, I had a lot of artifacts on the screen, the video driver kept crashing, etc. Then Friday somewhere in the afternoon it stopped working completely. So I had nothing to lose. So today I put it in the oven, let it cool down and put it back in my laptop and I was back up and running. YES SIR!!! It just had to be my lucky day!!

The rest of the day I had a really nice day with my wife and had a nice dinner. We put our son into bed and started to watch a movie when my wife fell asleep, not because of the movie as it was a pretty good movie, and I had some time to play my favorite game. Poker!

I played a session of 129 min and had one of the best sessions since a long time. I played good, solid poker. I didn’t make too many mistakes, at least no really big ones. So here some session stats:

Total Hands: 1980
Net Won/Lost: $19.60
Win Rate (bb/100): 49.49

Because of the renovation I’m doing at home (because of the pregnancy) I’m not really playing a lot. At least less than I would like, but I’m putting also a bit more effort into training, analyzing and just posting at PSO. So I’m also not complaining. This month I had some difficulties making really profit at 2NL zoom. I didn’t have many loosing sessions at 2NL zoom, but I also didn’t make a lot of profit this month. However that’s actually also because of the relative small sample of hands I played this month. Here my graph for the month.

So that’s it for now. I’m off to bed now and let’s hope I can keep up playing these great sessions. I will go over my hands one of these days and probably post some hands in the Hand Analysis section for a review. Until then GL to you all!!