Tnx guys for stopping buy my blog. I know I haven't written  much lately. I find it quite difficult to get some inspiration for writing. I really have to dig deep to get my thoughts together and write something maybe worth reading to someone (even if it's just me). So I hope this will change in the future as I get used to it a bit more.  

January was a crazy month. It started pretty good. My graph was looking great after my first two sessions. I managed to play almost 30k hands (which is ok I think for a recreational player), I got a year older (happy birthday to me ), so great month you think. Well actually...

After the first 4k hands my graph crashed harder than all stock exchanges together! Well ok maybe that's a bit hoity-toity, but damn (sorry for my language, but I cant express it differently in english) everything went wrong what could have gone wrong. It started by playing -EV a lot. Like 15 BI or so and that triggered my tilt mode. I started to spew and each and every session just went horribly wrong. So by the end of the month I had spewed away my BR and had to reload...

So after reloading the story continued and I went down from $50 to $25 again. I just felt like I was in a downwards spiral. It just got worse and worse. It took me a lot of effort to get myself together again and turn off the tilt mode. So by the end of the month on the 31st of January I had my first positive session again. Hallelujah! It looks like this was just the push I needed as I continued my positive sessions the first days of february and have almost earned my reload back (BR back up to $46).

So BR wise it was a bad month, but I guess what I've learned this month is that in my case: running -EV = tilt mode ON!

Fortunately I managed to get myself together again, but it took a bit longer than it should. Hopefully I can manage to do it differently the next time it happens! I would love to hear from you how you deal with this. So let me know if you have some tips for me.

So lets hope that I can keep my head cool this month and start to build my BR instead of spewing it away.

Till next time! Cheers