Hi all!


I've finally found my way back to PSO. I've registered in 2010, but never used my account till recently. I started to play NLH in 2010 and am now a recreational regular on Pokerstars. I've played a lot of STT SNGs on some other poker network in that time and switched back to Pokerstars about 1,5 year ago. Since Pokerstars released Zoom last year I switch back to cash games. Since then I have played about 55k hands on 2NL and 32k hands on 5NL (all on the Zoom tables). As my bankroll vaporized on 5NL (I ended up with about $10), I moved this week back to 2NL and am hard working on my game. This week I accomplished a win rate of about 20 bb/100 over 2.6k hands (even with 2BI -EV) and since yesterday my BR is back up to about $31. So I really hope to continue this way.

The reason that I didn't made it on 5NL is probably because of the lack of actual poker training. I do play a lot of hands a month (for a recreational player with a full time job and a wife and a kid), but I didn't ever really discussed hands or watched training videos, etc. So I have been looking for a way (to kinda force myself) to be more active also when I'm not sitting at the tables.

As I recently discovered PSO again and really like the community and resources it provides I am going to try to be active at PSO. I also discovered the Time Vault 2013 challenge last week and I think this is exactly what I need. It will "force" me to be active in the community, post about my progress and talk about my played hands, etc. So there you have it. Yes I am really doing this! This is going to be my Time Vault 2013 challenge thread.

So here my goals for 2013:
• Main game will be zoom.
• Move up to 10NL
• BR: $1000
• Watch 1 training video (or attend a live training session) a week.
• Strict but aggressive BR management
• Min. 2 posts a week in this thread.
• Min. 2 bolgs a month.


Current BR at 22-01-2013: $31

I'll move up 1 limit when I hit 40BI for that limit and will move back to the previous limit when I my bankroll decreases to 30BI for that limit. So in writing:
2NL:   0 -  200
5NL: 200 -  400
10NL: 400 - 1000

I dont't really expact people to follow my progress, but who knows it will become interesting enough for some of you