As a poker player you learn quite alot about bad beats but none is bad as what i faced this afternoon at my local poker club.

As a poker player you are constantly up and down and may think you have the nuts but in fact you dont!

Heres the lowdown on the 5 handed table:

My Cards (UTG):

SB Position Cards:

BB Position Cards:

2 Others Fold

PRE-FLOP POT: 15,000 Tourney Chips


I put a small raise in for 7,800 chips... BB Calls, SB Re-Raises ALL-IN for 13,400 chips. I call, BB Calls.


I Check, BB Raises to 24,300 (Knowing he hit a flush but hey the guy i was up against bluffs most hands and is quite loose when playing)... I Call as im pretty much pot commited now anyway.

River Comes Down: 

BB Shoves ALL-IN for 46,300. I figure i have hit my House and have about 24,000 chips left to call with.

Thinking i have the nutz i call and what is shown? We all hit something... I knocked BB position back down to starting stack (Not Alot Really). But quads was something i wasnt expecting.

Lessons Learn With This Hand:

1. Only slow play when you think its easier than this. I slow played my aces because i wanted value and others to call. Slow playing aces against a potential flush and then it hitting would be bad news. I got lucky here as i knew who i was up against. Online is different to playing live!

2. You may think you have the best cards but in this instance i did not... Dont automatically assume that you have the nutz unless you do!

3. Dont say anything is impossible because my friends things are not impossible as you have just seen!

Ill be back soon for more updates on my style of playing... Thats it for another day. Good Night PSO members!