I dont know if I did this Blog correctly but bear with I'll get the hang of it. My second month here I finally reached the Top 500 (accomplishment?), I expected 3 hard-earned dollars would be deposited into my account but, no. I failed to read the requirements for becoming an active player. My bad, this month I plan to make a deposit and hopefully qualify for Active status (20 FPP on PS) and finish at a higher rank this month (Oct). Right now I am Ranked about 750 but the month is still relatively young.

I was in this tourny last month and was the BB and blinds were 100/200 and genius limped with his Aces ( had he raised once or twice I WOULD have folded), Flop comes Q24 ( I have Q2 os and he has pocket Aces), after the flop he pushes. I take awhile to decide but eventually I call and we are at showdown, bottom line is he didnt pair the board and my 2 pair hold up. Later he goes on ragging me about calling his Allin and I simply tell him he shouldn't have limped with those cards, he says if he raised I would have folded which I assure him would have been true. He continues to follow me around and rag on me ( which in turn helped me as the other players at the table assumed me to be this weak chasing player and end up taking out a few more peeps).

I told him " A Top Hand is not nessarily the Best Hand Post-Flop". Of course, had he paired the board I would have been out; end of story.