I want you to replay your very first pokergame in your mind. Most likely it was a pile up of mistakes and breaking poker etiquette. It was so obvious you were new to the game that even someone who doesn't understand the language you speak would figure it out within in 5 hands.

You probably mix up your plays every time you sit down at the poker to mislead your openent , after all you are to gain if he makes errors, but do you ever change your behaviour to help players build a false character profile? The character profile of the oponent is a big factor in how one plays a hand.

So next time you play a game against unknown openents why not play the same way as you did your first pokergame. Have fun making all the silly mistakes again and make your oponents greatly underestimate your skill level. 

- Play before your turn 

- Forget posting blinds.

- Go to the  toilet when it's your turn to make a play.

- showdown your cards at the turn.

- ask your neighbour during a hand wether the straight or flush has a higher ranking.

-Make a bet smaller then the big blind.

-Grab the pot after showing down a losing hand as if you won the hand.

These are just a few of the rookie mistakes , get the creative juices flowing and you'll come up with many more.

Rests me to wish all ya noobs good luck at the tables and have fun with it!