I like playing brick and mortar no limit hold'em tournaments, but they have never been my strongsuit. I play them anyway just for fun and socialising , but only in local pubs or organised by friends for small buyins.


Because i have ADHD , when playing a bluff my exitement is unwillingly transferred in body movemements . Better players tend to pick up quite fast on this tell and therefor i consider that as a weakness.

A  little while ago i joined a 40 man tournament with a small  buyin i got invited to by a collegue of mine. I was very hyperactive that day talking non stop ,talking very loud , moving a lot and often switching between sitting and standing.

I noticed that people got a little annoyed as usual, but one guy just couldn't stand me. After making some plays before his turn ,forgetting to post blinds and making some really dumb plays it finally hit me. He was so annoyed by me to the point  that he barely could focus on anything else and it was effecting his play greatly.

I realised then that if i was able to get every player at my table to that point it would increase my chances of cashing a price greatly. I started to talk even louder ,move more and tried to be as annoying as possible.

It pretty much effected everyone some more then others, they even called my allins with such weak hands that i honestly believe they just took the chance to get rid of me.

I got to the heads up  with a skilled player about evenstacked. Because of the blindstructure it was clear that it was gonna take quite some time and he instantly proposed to deal 50 / 50. I said no way 60/ 40 , do you really wanna be playing against me for an hour at least , then let's dance! jumping around the table like a mad man as i spoke. He reluctantly took the unfair deal I gave him.

An edge can come from anything , anytime , anywhere ; just keep an open mind and you'll find them.