First of all I would like to say thanks to the PSO family and whoever though about having the bankroll builder promotion.


After a month of getting the first two dollars given to me by the bankroll builder promotion I am happy to say that I now have a bankroll of over 50 dollars.


Like I said I first got two dollar deposit and started to do what I thought was the safest thing playing .80 cents on the .01-.02 cent table and when ever I got to anything over 1.20 which was 50% of the .80 cents in winnings I would leave the table and start all over. I did this until I got to 10 dollars with the help of another 2 deposit od 2 dollars from the promotion.  after this I figured if i could do it in one table it would be alot faster in two. so I played 2 tables with the same idea of leaving anythime i made any profit over 50%. well I finished the promotion got the last 2 dollar deposit and this put me up to around 15 dollars.


From then on I have been going up and down up to around 30 and than back down to 20 couldnt pass the 30 dollar mark.  till I found out how easy it is to make money in the .01-.02 zoom tables. After being able to win some in the zoom tables I started trying to single table sng and also multi-table.


The SNG and MTT have been a little more difficult to get use to, but im happy to say I have already won a lot of Single tables and one, 90 man, 1.50, knockout. which I used to buy some shares on some of the PSO players. I figured they have a lot more knowledge than I do so it is a safe bet that they can go furter in a tournament than me.


I hope to someday having a good bankroll and with the help of the people here in PSO be able to run a bankroll promotion of my own and be able to help other new players just like they did with  me.