I don't understand why people get annoyed when someone uses all the time given to make the decision if to fold, call or raise.  It is their time and they can do with it as the please. Im taking all the time possible in my Open torneys and this helps not only to move up in places if you were to lose, but also for me to think about those hands that I might wanna play and know that I shouldn't.

Most of the time you already know what you are going to do before it is your turn to make the decision. This doesnt mean that you can't take all the time.  It would be a lot easier if we didn't have the crazies going for it all in the first fifteen minutes. 

Things that you can do in the time given to you and in between folds


note taking is very important maybe not much for the torney at hand because you might get to play a couple of hands in a table before they are moving you to a different one. What this is good for is for the next time you play this person you already have an advantage if you took good notes before.


It is easy to go to the PSO website and see if they are playing for points or just for the prize money. This helps you determined who is gonna play tight and who is more loose with their chips, also it can help you out stealing blinds if you know the people in the blinds are in the open they are gonna be more willing to save their chips. I use a different label for Open players and non-open players.


Their scoring position helps out mostly with the players that are high in the standings. Most of the time they are going to play really tight when they are gettin close to the position becuase noone wants to lose valuable poins. After the scoring position people tend to play more lose knowing that they are already in the positive.



I dont know if anyone else does this, but I use the hand history a lot. I see what their starting hands are If they raised or just limped in, how they played different kinds of hands from a pair to a full house. also how they react to raises and c-betting.

Bad beats and mis-reading are a part of it and your aces and kings are gonna get beat. It takes a lot of patience to play the Open. the things you do with the time given to you are essential for a good score.