Since I started playing money games my Open ranks have suffered. I lost 43 poins in the last 4 Opens i played I think I been doing everything right and still I couldnt get anywhere.  I think my biggest mistake is playing hands out of position hands like A Q and A J and losing to pocket pairs.

Well I was about to take a couple of days off, but i see my rank just falling and didnt want that to happen so before the last Open I took pen and paper and started writting notes before I played a hand looked into how people had been playing and since I had decided to only play AA KK I wrote it really big on the piece of paper and put it right next to my computer.

the results were good I was able to get to 331 around 53 points and by only playing 3 hands out of 85.

this puts me back in the mood to try to get into the big bang last time I tried I had to good opens and than the last one I completly donked on only to come back and get 130th place in the next. "if it would be 3 out of for in the 400 i would be in".

my score now is 2001 that should be good for around 400th place.

On the other hand my money games since I got the first two dollars from the bankroll builder promo Im up to 29 and change.  just finished a couple of 1 table tourneys finishing first place in both(2-7 draw and 5 card draw) hopefully it keeps going good there!!!