So I was trying to get a big bang ticket and some good points for the Open at the same time I finished 165 in the first tournament 336 in the next both the 2400 hour tournament then I got excited and said hell this is easy and stayed up all till the 0400 one and well thats when all went down hill I finished a wooping 3341 on that one and lost 9 points in the proccess so now I gotta start again.

Havent played a lot of tourneys lately only one per day Im still at 638 with an 1814 score.  I been busy since I got the bankroll builder first two dollars.  I been playing money games and already made the 20+ level playing 0.01/0.02 games. (got 13 dollars in the bank)

In one of the forums I read that it is difficult to get a Big Bang Ticket and also qualify to the premier league well I guess its gonna have to be my goal.

Im playing the tourney right now and I should make it to top 400 no problem.