A couple of months ago I found out about it and played so tournaments. Last month played 14 tournaments and finished with 1877 points ranked 2105 because I lost 27 very important points in the last two tournaments try to stay in the money.

Now October I am doing good started reading the forums and trying different strategies I even downloaded the point calculator its a great tool knowing when you are in the plus.  at this moment with 8 tournaments im at 1702 ranked 518 the best thing is that I havent had any negative points yet.

I get a little careless when I bust the negative bubble and start making some crazy moves thats the one thing I have to stop doing to get better results.  

The one good play I remember from the start of the month was when my position was around -8 points and played an A J flop comes A A 9 someone goes all in, I call and get confronted with AQ luckily I covered and ended up with around 250 chips the next couple of hands all I did was watch my posicion and look at the calculator blinds were eating my chips away at around 130 one hand before my BB I get AQ suited and go all in im around -4.5 in points and lucky make a pot of 850 next hand again same AQ suited and I do the same this time getting around 2000 anyways after that I saved my posicion and made 21 points for the tournament.

So thats all for now Im hoping to make the 500 and stay in it till the end of the month with no deposit made yet I dont have to worry about the premier league.