To all the people that play on PokerStars should understand this. I have been playing online poker at pokerstars for over 3 years now and I ve made final table twice and not having that much luck in the past years, wondering if one day I will reach 1st place in a big online tourney, getting reconized, all the money and all the fame.... every poker player dreams of this, dreaming of hitting the big one, but there's one problem that people face when playing online poker and that's playing with "scared money", and I have been playing with scared money and it's no fun depending on the bankroll management you have in mindset. I have learned my lesson throughout the years at PokerStars on how to manage my money wisely, learning from the all time legendary poker player and mathmatics wiz, Chris Ferguson and other great grinder's in this poker world. I also learned how to deal with my bad runs and bad beats to overcome the negative vibes you get when you hit these. Online Poker is not rigged, people tend to think that all the time about this site because of rumors and bad poker players that don't understand the meaning of Poker itself. I see people all the time in tournaments, going all in preflop with over 20BB with A 10 suited or K Q suited with 8 people still behind them, then they get called by QQ or JJ and they complain all the time, well duh these people are called unrespective poker players that really don't care how the game really gose A.K.A bingo players, witch in this case good grinders love these players. anyway I am here to talk about climbing the ladder of success and how I am going to reach that in 5 years from now, playing at the low stakes to middle stakes, and eventually hitting a nice final table that  will happend, we all just have to understand and co-op with they way we play and how we play online. It is not hard to overcome you acheivements but they key is to stop trying hard, going to much at it and only thinking about the money and final table will not get you there unless you do with 100% luck. I am considering on taking a little break my self playing online poker and refresh on what I have done in the past 3 years and really analyze what I have really overcome and acheived. player's with bad ROI'S % and bad MTT or RING percentage and are really really good players are either running really bad or going through some extremely bad luck, because most of the time good grinder's, good poker players have good stats, anyway to anybody who feels like giving up on the game they love because they can't handle the nonstop beats. don't quit, don't give up and do not overthink your game, because eventually you will be paid off. I am still waiting for my day to come because good player's always make it far, and well the one's who got lucky, got lucky but they don't last long at all. 



See you at the tables.


remember, always play your cards right in the right position.