We all have dreams. Big or small they are all still dreams. As for me growing up i wanted to be a Marine, and a state trooper. One out of two wasn t bad. I am a former Marine. Went to take the test for statetooper, but things was bad for me at that time with 1st xwife, so i got up and didn t take the test.
then later after my 2nd xwife i wanted to learn computers. i got the chance to take a layoff and go to school, which i did and in 2008 i got my degree in computers. No job then or now but i got my degree.:-D
 So why am i here and writing you this. because like most when moneymaker made it big in the poker world, i said hey if he can i can. Well i haven t made it yet, but the dream still is alive. I haven t got much to try and make it with, but i have come from 0.00 to a few bucks in my bankroll Thanks to the PSO s and a few freerolls here and there.

Am i asking anyone for anything. No i just been down and felt like talking. Hoping to get my dreams back in check and get my life back on the right road. I have made some good friends on here thanks to the poker school. My game has getting better also. My dreams to make it as a pro poker player are still in my heart, and at times i feel like i am out of my mind for dreaming such a dream, but one day i want to grow up and be a poker pro. It will be harder for me because i have no where to play cash games, just on line games. So to all us dreamers here is to you and me. God Bless and i wish you all the best of luck at the tables.:lol: