Back again guys.


thanks for the many views in the last 72 hours, I didn't know its gonna be success like that.


Now its time to confess that, I do much more like Omaha Hi Lo, or rather say enjoy more than Texas, even if that usually a great fun. Since I know that, a really missing a regular tourney for VPP or Cash prizes.


So look at this, as a PETITION or rather say announcement,


Because there, at Pokerstars a guys are very well knowing what they are doing upthere...


So its not like regulation them or try to make pressure upon them, I just wanna know if other people feels the same way.


If You do so, please leave a comment, which means for Me that, You are up to the idea.


It might helps the management as well, to get sharper picture of the actual popularity of Omaha Hi Lo game so far.

PSI: I don't wanna hurt anyone, when I declared my interest on Omaha Hi Lo, Texas is a neveer ending learning process, I guess, there are always new surprises bringing by new sitations and betting, I meant to say that I enjoy more the cardgme part in Omaha Hi Lo than I suppose to enjoy more the betting part and knowledge in Texas Hold'em.


Don't forget to comment, if You ready to sign this petition!


Good luck!