I have a love hate relationship with poker...... it's very simple, I love playing the game and the poker gods hate me. Well that is not completely true, I have bust my bankroll so many times that it can not be just the poker gods that are at fault. So this is what my blog is about, getting better at poker in 2013.

First of all I have 3 goals during 2013.

1. Deposit only once (200USD) from now until the end of the year

2. Win a MTT

3. Turn a Profit (My current statistics are god awful)

The first step in my journey has been coming to www.pokerschoolonline.com as it is my intention to reincarnate myself as is in my blog description. I will start again. Forget everything that was in the past and have a fresh view on the way that I play.

The material in the poker school is fantastic and so useful that I will also dedicate some of my time each week to watching videos and reading other peoples blogs.

I hope people will wish me well and please don't hesitate to get in touch via my blog or on twitter @rob160385 to discuss poker and more..

For now (I have more video tutorials to watch).