We've all been at the table with Mr. or Ms. Aggravation. The one's who like the All-in button every hand. Since we want to improve our rankings and make it to the final table we keep folding hoping for just the right cards so we can show them the Door. Then it starts to happen, they get a few calls on their All-in's, he has 3 8 off and the other guy A K suited. Well you know  the rest of the story, he get's a 3 on the river. This happens a few more times with the same result. ( you know their in bed with the dealer ) Their reign of Terror last at least 20 more minutes before you get those pockets A's, YEA !!!!! Time to show them the DOOR. They have pocket 6's.....oh boy this is a Slam Dunk----HA HA is all i can think, then the river..... a dammm 6.   "WTF" where's the DOOR  ????  Moral of the story....some people have all the luck...see you in the next tourney.