So I played my first couple of PSO tourneys yesterday. For the most part I was pretty pleased with the fact that there weren't many donkeys at all. From reading the posts I was expecting all ins considerably more frequently then they occurred. Most of the tables I was at people were playing pretty well with some being even more timid then I had expected. That doesn't mean there were no bad plays or donkish moves but for the most part it seemed people were playing pretty solidly.
          The first tourney I did pretty badly in, placing 767/915. Two players had moved all in on me after I had raised past pot commitment with pocket JJ, it was either throw the other 2/3 of my stack in and hope for the best or lose a big portion of my stack and be crippled. I decided I might as well push in and pray so that's what I did hoping that maybe they pushed in with something less then my JJ. One was holding KK and the other QQ so it wasn't good pre-flop at all. A queen hit on the flop and they ended up taking both me and the pocket Ks out. Was a bad raise on my part from the outset and I deserved to lose the hand.
          The second one I did quite a bit better placing 74/1188. I feel I played pretty solidly through the tourney. I did make some marginal calls and plays but no one can say they've never done that. I got lucky on some I was easily dominated on and tightened up after sweating a few boards. I hit a rough streak on cards towards the end and was getting a lot of 7,2o and other comparable hands. A few I limped in with marginal hands only to be raised and folding, quite a few of my big blinds were raised when I had bad hands so I just started getting chipped away. To make matters worse one player got at least 6 AK and several A+ strong kicker hands and was pushing in several hands in a row. I was down to 4 blinds and drew   on my last big blind. After the rough patch of cards and being chipped away I went ahead and pushed in with it. The player that had been dominating the table pushed in after me and was holding .... you guessed it AK. I actually pulled a Q on the flop but he rivered me with an A :-?