Wow.  This has never happened to me before.

Not only did my most recent deposit of 20 dollars post to my account, get taken out of my bank acct. then abruptly get removed from my PS account.  But a 75 dollar deposit I made 22 DAYS AGO, that had already cleared and been removed from my bank acct. was DECLINED just yesterday.

What the ****! Did some new law go into effect february 1st that says to take money out of my account that had already been cleared?!!  This is ****ed up and now I'm pissed bec. my account is negative over 50 dollars when everything was fine a week ago. Now I gotta wait to get paid, then pay to send a damn money order to canada or isle of wight or wherever the hell.

I hate the united states. Poker is not a crime!!!

PS. At least I can play in the skill league until this gets worked out, but I don't think i can play the Sunday Million if I win my PSO Warm-Up tickets.  Damn you beaurocrats!