Whooo! My first post on my first ever blog. Only suitable that when I finally decide to write something it's about poker.  I've been trying to manage a bankroll of a little over 20 dollars (currently 35).  I should be playing the.02/.04 limit tables and frequently do to make a few bucks.  But alas, my MTT roots keep calling me back! 

The last few days have been great though, 3 cashes out of 6 MTTs I think, one being 108th out of 10k players in a 2 dollar turbo for 17 dollars.  I just placed in a satellite to the Sunday 1/4 Million and we're about 20 minutes into that.  I'll post if I make it in the money, or have something particularly ugly to rage about.

I'm very much looking forward to the limit cash game live lesson tomorrow, if you haven't checked them out i strongly recommend it, TheLangolier is a great teacher and extremely patient.

Okay okay so I choked, finished in the first hour of the 1/4 million.  2 stupid plays about 20 minutes apart sent me to the rail.