I know it's been awhile since my last blog but I havn't had alot of time for poker these day  been quite busy . When I have played I have played  alot of stg's rather then tourneys . My bankroll at the moment isn't big enough to play any higher then 1.50 and 3.50 dollar stg's . 
Right well I've played for awhile there winning a few but it came to my attention then times I lost was when I play with the likes of KJ,KQ or QJ . Can anyone please tell me what way you should play these cards ? I played in tourney today . I had 7k under the gun With KJdd I raise 3 big blinds which Blinds were  200$ . Everybody folds to the dealer who  has 3.5 k he goes all in . As I watched my time bank fall down I decided to call . I know was wrong move he turned over JJ . Board came dead for me . Should I have just called the big blind instead of raising  or should I have just folded to the re-raise ? How do you play does certain hands like KJ ? Well that hand set me on tilt annd I was shortly busted out !

Also if any Could advice me any books to read which they found very helpfful to develop their game  , ive read a few so far but would like to read more ?
Anyone has twitter give me a follow I'l follow back 
Cheers for the help on the last post