Where do I start , 
I'm a rookie trying to improve but constently getting bad beats after bad beats . Played in Poker school mtt and found my self busted out in the 3rd hand . Which is shocken . I was meduim postion ,3 players folded to me which I found my self staring down Jack of clubs and Jack of hearts . I personally think I play these to hard or over value of Jacks every time I get them I try extract much money as possible but I honestly don't think I'm playing them right . So I raid 3 big blinds which was $80 , dealer calls quickly and big blind calls . Board comes 10 of clubs 6 of diamonds and 7 of diamonds . Big blind checks I bet half the pot which was around 180 . Dealer folds and big blind calls . Next card come 4 of clubs . Big blind goes all in . I taught he must of have a set but I was not sure and personally taught he was trying bully me of the pot with and all in . So with my over pair to the board I call and he turns over 10,4 shocken. I should of folded I new I was beat but couldn't fold the jacks . Disgusted . How do most players play jacks as just medium pairs get them in cheap and fold if they don't hit the flop ??? If any one has any tips please be help 

I'm going keep writing on this I will be playing more regular and Il post my beats and if I'm lucky some win hopefullly .