Just saying thank you to Pokerstars for the videos I have watched quite a few and they are always informative. Watched all of Chris Moneymaker's and found these very good for my MTT skills next tournament ( PSO Skill ) came 4th was more aggressive and won some easy chips forcing people to fold with 3 betting and playing some marginal hands with some equity against smaller stacks to take their chips. What I liked about Chris he was criticising his own play and I was expecting him to play close to perfect poker which was an eye opener and it shows we are all human. Also like to thank the Langolier and Felix have seen lots of there videos and its probably thanks to them I am winning on the cash tables at the moment. Will not be turning Pro in the near future but it is nice to win instead of losing and I like the new Premier League some really good players and that can only help my game. Well thats me finished just to wish everyone good luck at the tables