Getting better in the PSO only one setback in last 12 tournys that was only a -7 when I was getting short stacked had better of the coin flip but did not hold up. Had a couple of other - games but only very small had 3 ITM and am now in top 200 looking to make the top 100 I think the top ten is beyond me but if I get some outrageous luck who knows. Still see lots of bad beats but the luck will go round and its not just the lower ranking players who play poor hands have seen some high ranked players dishing out bad beats. Not sure if the PSO is helping my game but in other tourny's seem to get deep and cash occassionally, seem to do well in sit and gos, at the moment my cash game is up and down but am ironing out a few errors think I am breaking even at that. I can't be doing to bad my bank roll is going up very sloooooooowly so I must be playing more good games overall than bad games, well thats me finished and just to wish everyone good luck at the tables unless your playing me of course