I am coming to terms with the PSO I think the bad beats are coming thick and fast and it looks like it must be fixed but the obvious reason is some players are playing hands they should not. Some appear inexperienced and do not understand they are getting poor odds or are bound to be an under dog, some will play any two cards in the hope of doubling up and will not fold and hope to catch their hand by the river and obviously do not care if they stay in or not. So if more hands are played more beats will result so to all those who are getting frustrated just look at the rankings and mostly those who play any two cards are at the bottom so this shows over time their poor play is exposed and just grit your teeth and realise you got your chips in good and over time you have to beat these players.
Just a foot note played a $1 dollar tourny last night made a large bet with AK suited spades hit nothing only a spade on board opponent put me all in just for once I thought dont fold ridiculous over bet have two over cards might hit and he may have nothing anyway. When I looked at the flop he had flopped a straight and I thought well played thats the end of my tournament, then runner runner spades nut flush  nice double up and thats the end of his tourny instead. Yes I did feel like a Donkey.