Greetings to everyone who reads this. This is my first post on the PokerStars site, so I will begin with a back ground read so you get an idea of who and why I do silly things like turn a Zero Bankroll in $10k.


I'll start with me..... I'm almost 46 and I have been playing poker for nearly 14 years now. It all started by watching a show called Late night Poker. From there I opened my first Poker account and that was me hooked. I think it had a little bit to do with that first site I joined.... It was Paradise poker and the smoothness of the game back then was amazing. You could by drinks, and then food was introduced and they would sit on a table next to your seat online, and it had everything going for it. I was sick when they sold out and although the site is still going it is no longer a stand out poker room like before. It was bought out by some big gun and can now be found on the OnGame network.


From there I found a few more sites had began opening there doors and so I joined everyone I found. I started using my poker alias which is Plaza Player on more and more sites and before I knew it I had over 50 poker accounts. But over time some closed, some went bump and some merged into the bigger sites. But during all this I was always looking to better my game, and it was during that time I stumbled onto my 1st Poker forum. I learned some more and still wanted to better my game, so I started to read books and signed up to 2 poker magazines which I read and still do read to this day. You never stop learning about poker, thats the beauty of the game.


So after 14 years of playing and learning it is fair to say I class myself as above average player. I'm not the worlds best, nor will I ever be but Poker as treated me very well over the times. Lets see what I've won from memory. I have played the main event of a EPT event in London with a £5k buy in. I won that via a promotion and cost me nothing. I played the freeroll and managed to qualify for the final where the winner won a $13k package. Thats still my biggest win, and it was shortly after I managed to win yet another promotion and this was to play on Sky TV. It was a 6 player shootout which was filmed and shown on TV in a 2 hr show. I still cringe when I think back about it. I ended up 3rd, I just didnt take into account that the structure was like playing a hyper tournament which was a shame really, but meh I'm sure there will be another chance in the future.

I have won an Ipad, x2 chipsets ( not some cheap crap either ), I won a VIP trip to watch the King George race at Kempton, I have won poker packages to play live in Malta, Prague and Vienna, Also won a World cup Knockout style tournament were the job was to qualify for the next round and after 5 rounds I ended up winning the Final, won a kindle and those are just the ones I can recall..... But my pride and joy is completing my very own Jesus $0 to $10 Bankroll challenge made famous by Chris Jesus Ferguson.

I am not a person after sufffering a nasty accident at work in 2008 and ever since then I suffer chronic pain like no one as ever suffered before. Some days are better than others but it is very seldom I have any length of good days.  So I wanted to do something at my own pace with no rush to complete it and thats when I had the idea of this, A friend pointed out that a certain poker site was infact offering €3000 if anybody could go from a zero bankroll ( $0.00 ) and turn it into €3k. So thats how I started. I use to play x3 €20 freerolls a week and if I won anything I would hit the cash tables. But 6 months into my challenge the poker site pulled the plug and decided to concentrate on the SportsBook instead of poker. I found another home to carry on and transferred my full Bankroll at the time over to the new site and carried on from there

If your not aware of this challenge, it is quite easy actually. You know the start of course, but once you have enough cash you then have to stick to strict Bankroll Mangement. Basiclly you can not sit down at a cash table with more than 5% of your Bankroll, for a sit n go its 5% and for MTT's its 2%. So for instance, if I had $100 in my Bankroll and I wanted to play a cash game I could only sit down with $5 and then leave if I managed to turn that into 10%. So obviously You cant sit down at the 25c/50c table, but playing a 2c/5c table is perfect. A MTT with the same Bankroll would be a $2 tourney or below. Under no circumstances can you change those rules. If you do cheat, your only going to cheat yourself, and I can honestly say I never ever cheated, and its all documented in my own Blog which can be found by simply typing PlazaPlayer Blog in google. Its over 110 enteries and I keep meaning to add the very early stuff into the main blog, which I am hoping is by the end of Febuary. But its all there...... Winning cash for the first time, getting all nervous at the thought of cashing for a few Cents and it goes all the way to me busting through the $10k. But because of my illness I wasnt able to play much and when I did I had to limit how much I could sit and play for before I was to bad to continue. But I did it and when I broke through and knew I had done it I was like Oh My God, I've actually managed to pull it off. Yes it did take me 4 yrs and 5 months, but I did it and no one cn say different. I doubt anything else will topple that ever in my poker life. Also the best part was after calming down was wow I had $10k to spend...... And I did just that....


So, after all that heart ache and joy I have decided to do it all again. Its been about 6 months now since I completed it, and I thought long and hard before agreeing to do it again. I did however hear of a poker site that was running a freeroll league and so I signed up with my zero Bankroll and played just a few games. Again even now I suffer long and hard and can not maintain my league position because I miss to many games, but I have however done the hard part and currently have a Bankroll of about $150. It was while playing a league game that someone asked me if I played the Poker stars League and I did not know anything about it, so I read up on it and at the 3rd time of asking managed to pass the test and I played my first game last night. I did ok, but there was just the final guy I could not beat so I ended up in 2nd !! So Already I am in profit, and before anyone thinks hey but that game cost $1-10, I know and it was taken from my other site. Yes I do have t keep it all monitored so I know exactly where I'm up to.

I did play another game today, but I was knocked out very early when the guy slow played AA when I had QQ but that happens. I would encourage anyone and everyone to try and copy what I have done. Not only does it teach you how to respect your Bankroll, but it also teaches you to pay more attention to your poker game when playing, because every cent counts. So thats me for now, and I will probably update this blog come the end of Febuary.

Thanks for reading and good luck in your games.