Sometimes situations arise with a very wet board don't be scared of these boards and if it is not an all in situation where you can't use chat make the chatbox your advantage you see it all the time on tv players bluff with their words not just their betting technique. This is how I did it I held a speculative hand at the turn one more card would give me a baby flush (I held 3h) my opponent was playing very aggressively the board had a 5h 7h as 9h before I made my huge 2k bet more than half of my stack, I wrote in the chatbox that I had a straight flush with a board that wet it is possible he folds immediately. I put him on having a flush with poss ace high hearts flush. It was a bold move but it did pay off I was short stacked and really needed the pot it was an excellent bluff! I showed him the trash and not even made flush! poss one of my best moves ever! Try it sometime when you are short stacked use small suited hands to your advantage too these are worth keeping at the correct price. Another reason this worked well as there was also a straight draw available.


Heres an exact rundown of what I did

just called with my trash hand

bet back bigger at opponent when they bet (represents strength)

with wet board where huge hands are possible use the chatbox to bluff them

they fold and I took down the huge pot!

Show cards or keep them guessing I suggest show as next time they won't believe you when you do actually have the mutts nuts!!

Hope this helps you!