I know things are good when I get pocket queens and it gets me bet happy (aggressive) inducing lots of 4x raising in the hope of boosting my chip stack, EASILY! But no. For me it seems I should take the opinion of some poker players and move QQ into the category 2 hands and not call it a monster. The only problem is that I have been beaten about 5 times by the villian's pocket queens, when I, hero, have a hand like AJ suited. So it is a monster to the villain, but not the hero, in my recent encounters on Pokerstars.com. So from now on I will play QQ as if its 88 or lower because I just feel bad beat blues otherwise. I will keep this style of play up until I have won two out of five times. (Note: These stats are from my last 454 hands played in a mix of tourney's, S'N'G and cash games.)


All in all, my weakest link in my poker game is that I often get knocked out by pockets and don't know what to do about it. Aside from this leak I am getting to the bubble or in the money now. This is obviously from my PokerSchoolOnline research which I did to get the reload bonus and now the MTT free ticket. Before that, I pretty much fluked my way through the game, which is very hard to do I might add.