Here I'm going to list all my tourny finishes and hopefully we see some improvement.

I joined Pokerstars during early September 2012 and the very first time I played on the site was when I sat at a freeroll table, haha.


Pokerstars Tournaments for September 2012


Areas I need to improve to rank better  (according to me)  :

*Play slightly more hands.  Every time I get around to the 550th mark my stack is in terrible shape.  I frequently fall below 10BB and then it's push or fold for me.  The reason I think this is, could be due to the fact that I try to play too (super) tight and only in position.  You only get so many really good hands in a tourny it's not surprising my stack runs out at those blind levels.

*Practice Bluffing!  This is going to sound strange but I honestly never bluff.  I see many beginners overdo do it on the other hand.  I semi-bluff some of my draws but to me that's not really bluffing, I'm simply inflating the pot for when I cash in .  I need to pick spots to bluff to compensate for all the times I had good hands but failled to hit the flop hard.

*Hulk it up!  I need to be more aggressive during all fases of the game.

*Be prepared to flip a coin once in a while  This has happened quite a few times.  I am so focused on placing well, I hardly ever take big risks.  sometimes 2 maniacs will push all in and even though I might be holding a decent hand like AQ, KQ and especially pocket pairs (which are more often than not above their shove range),  I find myself folding in order to stay alive in the game longer.  I am missing out on very profitable situations even though you might get sucked out by mediocre stuff.  If i don't though, I might be looking at a double up or 3X'ing my stack.

My goal now is to get my average down at least 100 spots by trying to improve the above weak points.  Wish me luck!.