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Silver Sands Online Poker - South-Africa (Independant Software/ICE Gaming)


This is my all time played hands since I started playing poker.  Some of these numbers are quite alarming, and doesn't reflect the way I play currently, since my play was predominantly stagnant for about 12K hands (beginner/experimental phase ) .   I would say my play drasticly improved at the 13K hands mark, with a another substancial burst of improvement around 19K hands, and yet ANOTHER improvement after playing super high play money stakes, lol, against a very loose aggressive opponent at 23K hands.  This would mean that the percentages won't reflect immediately for ex,  this would seem like I never really bet, raise or re-raise, which I now do very very frequently (also now I like 4-bet shoving HU or with 2 opponents ).  I came to understand that more often than not, aggresive play is more profitable.  I will continue to post my hands stats in this section from various poker clients, some with more detailed statistics as provided by the particular client.


Some Highlights :