March was a pretty insane month for my poker game with a number of deep runs in the MicroMillions, including two 18th place finishes in fields of 13,662 and 13,149. April however has taken it to another level. On 5th April I came 4th out of 6,176 in the Sunday Spark for $1,695, by far and away my biggest cash to date.  And then last night I chopped the $2.50 Velociraptor on Full Tilt for $467, now my second biggest score.

In total I have bought in for $749 and return $1722.98 profit, which is an ROI of about 130% for the month so far. I definitely feel that over the past couple months a few things have clicked. I have run insanely good of course: in the two tournaments I have had big scores in there were numerous times the cards ran good for me. Last night when 11 handed and the short stack the button opened and I shoved 16bb over the top with AT. He showed AK, but the board ran out 5555 and we both chopped the pot with quads on the board! But then you have to run good in any tournament you are in, and sometimes you have to put yourself into the position to run good by making the right decisions leading up to those lucky moments.

Here are a few of things I have done in the past couple months that I think are essential for any MTT player who wants to become more consistent in their game:

• Studied studied studied. Shared a lot of hands on forums and with poker friends on Skype. There are multiple ways to play hands, and we can sometimes become too formulaic. Hand a against opponent b with action c before us means we need to do d. This often results in us being too predictable to play against and with some pretty embedded leaks in our game.

• Worked on my early stage game and changed up my strategy. I have often tried to play like some of the modern wizards, splashing around in small pots with speculative hands hoping to hit a disguised monster and stack someone. It works sometimes, but I am not a hand reading wizard like the proponents of this style and it was getting me into more trouble than it should. I have studied some good players and watched how they play really really tight until the antes kick in.  Unless I am getting an insanely good price in a multiway pot in position, I keep it really tight early on now.

• Worked on my short stacked game a ton. I played a lot of STT turbos to get used to push/fold situations. I purchased ICMizer and running all my spots through it after a session. There are some plays in push/fold that are simply mistakes and –ev plays, and I’ve been trying to eradicate them from my game. Things will always get short in most tournaments. I see many players on the forums asking why they min cash a lot but not running deep. This is probably why. Many players are good until things become short, which is usually around the money bubble, and then they start making big mistakes.

• Playing less tables. I know to some of the 12 table wizards this will sound odd, but for me 4 tables was too many. I wasn’t really getting solid reliable reads that I could use to exploit people, and so I was missing on a lot of information. I now play 2 tables maximum, and often just 1. Yes, my ‘hourly’ will be shocking, but then I am a recreational player and I don’t play for the hourly. I play for the fun and the glory.

Good luck at the tables! Hoping to see more people sharing MTT strategy and hands in the PSO forum.