December was without doubt my best month in poker. I started playing the game for the first time this year in April, and was making losses throughout the year. Around October I would say my game started coming together - a bit like driving a car, you have an 'aha' moment where all the individual things you know make sense as a whole and your driving improves significantly. And December was my first solidly winning month.

MTTs were great. I took 1st place in the Hot 55c for $454, and 1st in a $4.40 6max for $361. And on the final day of the month I went deep in a $2.20 Zoom Turbo for a $12.15 profit, coming 11th out of a ~600 person field. I did lose my Hold Em Manager database at the start of the month as I switched to Mac and that isn't supported. But from my PokerTracker 4 database, excluding the OpenLeague freerolls, I played 10MTTs for a buyin of $13.70, turning a profit of $828.13. I had an ITM of 40%, and from an average field size of 1151 my average finishing position was 169. In summary, an incredible month for MTTs.

I played a few STTs at the end of the month when I wanted some quicker games, and did ok in them too. 7 games, 3 cashes, a profit of $3.61 from $10.50 buy in leading to a 34% ROI. Not much volume, but nice to know I can still turn to these when I want a quick game, and not be compeletely outclassed.

I also played the Open Skill league for the month and came in 1180th which gives $2.50 to our roll. I really should have finished in the top 500 for a Premier League ticket: at one point I was in the top 100 quite comfortably, but some early busts knocked our score right back down. I need to be more patient and accept that finishing 3 times in 2000th is better than finishing once in 10th and twice in 8000th!

And finally my cash game, which was pretty average. Playing 2nl, over 4554 hands, I won $1.17 for a bb/100 of 1.28. Crushing! Maybe long term my end game isn't cash, but having played it for a few months now and putting in about 40,000 hands, it has definitely helped my overall technical game. My hand reading skills in particular, and appreciating the value of my hand strength vs the villain type, the board and the action. 

So a good year! And nice to finally have my first winning month as a player. My bankroll was up to about $900 or something crazy like that after my wins, but my bankroll was larger than my skill and I cashed out the majority to help pay for my new Macbook and Christmas. I left just $20, and as of this morning I have got that up to $31. Lets see where the month takes us!

2015 Goals

I'm hesitant to set too many goals as I am still unsure as to what games I am specialising in. At the end of the day, I am definitely just a recreational player who has a couple of hours a day on average to play and I'm not going to be an amazing player any time soon. If I can go the year without redepositing, make a couple of nice scores, continue to improve, and enjoy my game, then it has been a success. So my goals:

-No redepositing

-Enjoy my game

-Break even for the year

I am going to do a hand history review in multiple parts of my $4.40 4max win: it is a new format for me and I really enjoyed it, but pretty sure I made some big mistakes along the way. Keep an eye out for them soon, maybe even later today or tomorrow.

Happy New Year PSO!