Running some stats in HEM2 and saw some interesting stats about where I am winning and losing money at 2NL, over 7000 hands. This topic is about hand groupings: it begs the question that if there are some groups of hands that I don't win money from, should I just stop playing them? Of course it is situational, but worth thinking about.

Hand Category (No. of times) / bb100

Pocket Aces (27): +161.11
Big Ace Hands (15: +128.16
Big Pairs (96): -35.94
Medium Pairs (117): +619.66
Low Pairs (164): +84.45
Suited Aces (195): -76.15
Suited Connectors (194): -23.20
Suited One Gappers (174): +75.29
Suited Two Gappers (155): +144.52
Other Suited Hands (794): +17
Non Suited Aces (671): -57
Non Suited Connectors (559): -24
Non Suited One Gappers (494): -32
Non Suited Two Gappers (475): -6
Other Non Suited Hands (2514): -19

So I am losing a lot of money on big pairs (specifically kings, part of which is variance, part of which is me overplaying them post flop), on suited aces, and on suited connectors. They make a big part of my range, particularly in the cut off and on the button. Which is interesting given that over 1269 hands I have actually lost 1/bb100 on the button, which should be the most profitable position! The vast majority of my profit has actually come from disguised hands where I have stacked an opponent who opened from early position. This is either from hitting a set (all pocket pairs played purely for set value are showing a big profit), and suited two gappers, which are very well disguised for unlikely straights.

So if these are the hands that are and aren't making me money, how often am I playing them?

After pocket pairs and big ace hands, suited connectors are my most played hand with 70% VPIP: I have played them way too many times out of the SB. And when I play out of the SB I like to 3 bet rather than call, so I have a ridiculous 23.7% 3bet for suited connectors! Suited aces also have a 58.5% VPIP.

So my lessons:

-Continue to set mine, mostly playing fit/fold post flop unless we have a passive villain and a safe board
-Play less of the low suited connectors, villains are now very wary of them and unlikely to be paid off
-Play better disguised hands such as suited two gappers when getting a good price in position
-Stop overplaying big pocket pairs on dangerous boards

What do other people have?