The series started off so promisingly, and in truth it's been a success. I'm not an experienced MTT player, and yet my big $400 score covers my buy ins for the rest so I should break even on the series, and I have made a decent stab at the leaderboard. Too many times though I have had a big stack and not cashed in on it. Here's my Day 9 results.


#71 $11 NLHE Super-Knockout Turbo - 3,890 / 6,112 - No cash

#72 $5.50 NLHE Progress Super-Knockout - 2,165 / 6,960 - No cash ($5.30 in bounties)

#73 £3.30 NLHE -  3,837 / 8,248 - No cash

#74 $8.80 NLHE 4-Max Super-Knockout -  3,409 / 8,048 - No cash

#75 $5.50 NLHE 6-Max Big Antes - 3,175 / 9,336 - No cash

#76 $2.20 NLHE -  1,751 / 20370 - $4.80 cash

#77 $3.30+R NL Omaha 6-Max - 3,242 / 4,992 - No cash

#78 $5.50 NLHE 6-Max Chance - 4,349 / 18,137 - No cash

#79 $3.30 PL Courchevel - Didn't play, chose sleep!


So yeah, disappointing day again as only one small cash and 5 leaderboard points. Given the most of the games were NLHE and that is my game, I wanted to do better. Once again I built up a lot of large stacks early on and couldn't go all the way with them into the money. However today I am more confident that I played it well so I am happy. 

For example my bust out hand in #78, I got it in with 75% equity. I have 39 big blinds, I am in the cut off with AJs and it is folded to me. I have 2.5x to open, and then the button jams $34k all in, 50 big blinds! This was just the latest all in over jam from him and he was just trying to scare us and steal the blinds. Confident that I have it in good, I decide to call him. Risky? Maybe, but he was running over the table and it was pretty ridiculous play. He shows J7o, and and my AJo is crushing him. A97 on the flop puts me at 91%, Qd on the turn makes me 95%, but a 7s on the river gives him trips and I am out. Disappointing to lose but it was a complete suck out and I'm fine with having got it in good. 

How's everyone else doing? I'm now about 400th in the leaderboard table so unless I get a lot of cashes and a final table in the last 2 days I'm out of the running for the Sunday Million tickets (top 100 only) but I'm happy with how it's gone. I've learnt a lot from playing so much poker!