Summary from these three days below, then a bit of analysis and reflection on where I've gone wrong in a couple of spots. Any hands marked 'bubble trouble' are discussed further below.

#44 $11 NLHE – Didn't play, needed sleep!
#45 $0.11+R NLHE Hyper-Active – 4,146 / 15,950 – No cash
#46 $11 NLHE 6-Max Super-Knockout – 2,846 / 7,636 – No cash
#47 $4.40 NLHE 1R1A – 1,366 / 9,354 – No cash
#48 $3.30 PLO Hi/Lo – 2,576 / 5,109 – No cash
#49 $8.80 HORSE – 2,207 / 3,440 – No cash
#50 $4.40 NLHE 4-Max 4xChance – 11,592 / 19,901 – No cash
#51 $2.20+R NLHE Ante-Up –  8,343 / 12,571 No cash
#52 $5.50 NLHE – 6,081 / 11,052 – No cash
#53 $3.30 NL Omaha – Didn't play, needed sleep!
#54 $5.50 NLHE – 2,541 / 5,712 – No cash
#55 $2.20 NLHE – 4,791 / 9,674 – No cash
#56 $5.50 NL Draw - 767 / 2,073 – No cash
#57 $8.80 NLHE 6-Max Turbo Shootout -  346 / 7,188 - $21.65 cash
#58 $2.20+R NLHE Big Antes – 3,036 / 11,284 – No cash
#59 $3.30 FL Omaha Hi/Lo – 4,014 / 5,216 – No cash
#60 $4.40 NLHE Progressive Super-Knockout – 13,191 / 25,646 – No cash
#61 $8.80 NLHE – 638 / 9,663 - $20.87 cash
#62 $4.40+R PLO 6-Max – 215 / 1,603 – No cash (Bubble trouble below)
#63 $5.50 NLHE – 804 / 5,267 – No cash (Bubble trouble below)
#64 $3.30 NLHE – 4,263 / 8,371 – No cash
#65 $4.40 NLHE 6-Max – Didn't play, needed sleep!
#66 $2.20 NLHE – 6,888 / 13,760 – No cash
#67 $8.80 NLHE Progressive Super-Knockout – 6,502 / 18,287 – No cash
#68 $3.30 PLO 5-Card – 2,118 / 2,923
#69 $3.30 NL Single Draw 2-7 – 2,101 / 3,609
#70 $5.50 NLHE – 1,466 / 10,436 – No cash (Bubble trouble below)

So from 26 events I only managed 2 cashes which isn't brilliant, and realistically my chances of getting into the top 100 on the series leaderboard have probably gone unless I make a final table. I am currently 355th with 115 points, and at the moment 175 points is needed. If you look at the guys at the top of the table (all Russian!), they haven't necessarily won or even final tabled any events. But they just have a lot of cashes and they are very consistent.

What has cost me is that I have been aggressive on the bubble. We are always told that people tighten up because they want to get in the money and it's a great time to chip up, especially as a min cash is normally just enough to cover the buy-in! What I maybe have not factored in is the value of the leaderboard points, and there are 3 events in particular where I really should have at least got in the money, and possible maybe even made a big run. Lets look at what I did wrong:

#62 $4.40+R PLO
Omaha really is not my game, and it was in the 3am slow to I planned on skipping it for sleep. However, because I ran deep and cashed in the game before I was awake, so I late reg'd just before registration closed, and then hit 3 big cards on the row and all of a sudden I had a top 50 stack! I pretty much sat on it for the rest of the game without doing much, and was about to make it into the money. The guy sat to my left has been playing really quite scared and clearly folding marginal hands to get into the money. So with 10 spots to go until the money, I receive a semi-decent hand and decide to put the money in expecting a fold and the blinds. Turns out he had a monster and I'm out.

#63 $5.50 NLHE
At my peak I had a decent sized stack, about 40k at the 400/800 blind levels, so enough blinds to play poker with. I'd had a lot of success bluffing with a check/raise and getting 25-30bb stacks to fold and I continued to be aggressive, even when I was comfortably in the money and looking at a good finish. In the below hand a 25bb stack min raises as he has done often, and on the button I have JTo so I call. The board comes K45 rainbow, so when he only bets third pot I 3bet him 3x, and he calls. The turn if a J which gives me second pair. He checks to me and I put in 10k, half the pot. He goes all in, I call, and I've lost 60% of my stack trying to pull a move.

Even at that point I probably could have folded into the money. Instead, keen to get my big stack  back, I shove QJo expecting to abuse the bubble and pick up the blinds and antes. To my disgust, the button wakes up with QQ and calls so I am dominated 9:1. The board run out gives me hope as I have a backdoor flush draw but it misses and I am out just 100 places from the money after 3 hours of play.

#70 $5.50 NLHE
Similar story but even worse. I actually had a top 100 stack for a while and simply played it too aggressively. I had 70k at the 500/1000 level and playing the scared middle stacks at the table. There were 3 hands where I made mistakes, and in the first one it was going up against the one person at the table who had me covered. I called a 2.5x button range in the small blind with 98s, and the flop comes JT8 giving me bottom pair and an open ended straight draw. It's checked to the big stack who half pots, and I call. Turn comes a J, and it goes check check. The river comes a 6 so I miss my straight but decide to lead out representing a flush. Unfortunately I am called and the big stack shows QQ. There goes 30% of my stack.

The very next hand, probably on tilt, I open T6s from the small blind hoping to steal with my now 50k stack. The BB calls. The flop is A53 rainbow. It's checked to me, and despite missing I bet half pot, and the BB calls. We're now in a levelling war. Turn comes another 5, I have a flush draw, and it's check check. Then the 2 comes on the river. It is again checked to me, so I bet half pot again  with air. I'm called and the BB turns over A3 for two pair. Surprised how passively he paid the hand. I guess he had seen me being aggressive and was giving me rope. So now in 2 hands I've gone from 70k to 30k. But still enough to fold into the money.

5 minutes later and I've chipped back up to 38k. UTG+2 I 2.5x raise QQ. The cutoff and the button call. Flop comes A92. Urgh. It's checked to the button who bets half pot, 5k. I call, the cutoff folds. Turn is another ace. I check, the button bets half pot, 9k. I called. Yes, I know, horrible. The river comes a Q which is a horrible card for me as it gives me a full house. To me my opponent looks like betting a one pair medium strength ace as they have led out, probably signalling they want to protect their hand as they know I am aggressive. So hopefully my full house beats their trips.  They bet less than half pot, smaller than previous bets, again making me think I am good. I shove all in. The button turns over A9 for a bigger full house!

Once again I bust 100 away from the money. Lesson of today? I am too aggressive on the money bubble! I should have had at least 3 more cashes and plenty of leaderboard points. My mistakes!