Had a massive score today which means I'm freerolling the rest of the series essentially. Here's the run down:


#35 $5.50 NLHE 1R1A - Skipped this for some sleep, it's 3am here!

#36 $11 NLHE - 2,175/4,113, No Cash

#37 $3.30 PLO 6-Max Turbo - Not recorded but middle of the pack

#38 $5.50 NLHE - 4,726/9,026, No Cash

#39 $3.30 8 Game - Not recorded but top 30%. Missed the money

#40 $5.50 NLHE 6-Max Turbo - 13/16,583, $414.17 and 30 Leaderboard points, more detail below

#41 $4.40 NLHE Progressive Super Knockout -  12,082/31,206, No Cash

#42 $5.50 NLHE - 7,251/19,838, No Cash

#43 $3.30 NLHE 6-Max - 1,919/12,706, No Cash


So yeah, only one cash from 9 events today but it was a huge one, running down a 16.5k field all the way down to thirteenth! I'll be honest turbos aren't usually my thing as I never quite manage to get the pacing right. But a good combination of the right cards falling at the right time, and some player observations that paid off, and it was a huge score. Going into the final 100 people I was actually the chip leader and first place was over $11k so in some respects a bit disappointed, but its a huge accomplishment for me and definitely the biggest win of my poker 'career' so far by a mile and I haven't been a winning player (just starting out!).

For my bust out hand there were 13 left and I was 12th. The short stack was very short and maybe ICM wise I made a poor play as an extra $100 would have come my way if I'd waited for him to bust. In the SB I only had 10bb left and stealing the blind would boost my stack 30% or so. With J7s I shoved and was called by A4. I hit a 7 but he hit trip 4s. Can't really complain. Anyone have any thoughts on whether that was the correct play? The villain had about 25bb I think.

The hand which allowed me to go deep came when the blinds were 8k/16k and I started the hand with QTs and 331,282 in chips, about 21bb, in the cut off. In the hijack was a villain opening 50% of hands who had 761,759 in chips, 48bb. He opened for 40k. With QTs, I decided to test him raising to 128k, about a third my stack, quite confident that he would fold. Everyone else folds but the villain calls.

Then the flop comes TT8, trips! Aware that the flop would look like it has missed my 3 bet range given I'm relatively short and I've just called off a third of my stack pre-flop, I am assuming villain would expect me to jam if I have anything with showdown value. So after I am checked to, I decide to make a silly small bet, 48k into a 292k pot, to make it look like I am trying to steal the pot but leaving myself room to fold if it doesn't work. Predictably, the villain jams, and I snap call. He turns over A8 for bottom pair. and drawing pretty much dead. Harmless 97 rolls off the turn and river and I double up into the top 10 stacks which was huge at this point.

So yes, feeling pretty smug with how I played this one.

In the last tournament of the night we were down to the last 2,000 with 1,700 getting paid. I hald 54bb left, and in the hijack I am dealt pocket aces, super! Another top 100 finish would definitly beckon if I got a large pot here, could have been an amazing night. I put out my standard min raise, and am called by the button who is playing 44% of hands but only raising with 12%. He has 39bb so hopeful of a big pot here as if he catches any piece he calls down. He is very predictable and his betting usually completely gives it away preflop so I am happy. The BB also calls.

Flop comes 5dQd7c. I bet 3/4 pot, the button calls, the BB folds. Turn comes 10d. I again 3/4 pot bet, and the button jams. I call and he turns over Jd8d for a flush. When he is so short stacked I have no idea what he was doing calling my large flop bet, but I guess that level of player just sees the hand they could make and doesn't think about pot odds, the opponents hand etc. It crippled me and I busted later.

Getting ahead of ourselves, but also busted on the bubble today in a similar fashion. I get AA all in pre-flop and am called by JJ. Typically he rivers a J. AA is my undoing at the moment!

Hope everyone else is having a good series. Any stories to share?