In the UK, Day 1 saw 5 events and I feel I got into a decent groove. I only came away with one cash, but others were close and in total I am happy with how I am playing. Here's the rundown:

Event 1 - $0.11+R NLHE Hyper-Active

Finished 12980/64747 (Top 20%) - No Cash (8442 cashed)

This tournament had nothing to do with poker, at least not for the first hour, as most people shoved most hands until they had a big stack and then tightened up. My first hand of the series was pocket aces so maybe that bodes well! I survived until after the add-on and looked like I might cash. In the end I was knocked out shoving Q7o on a dry board against an extremely loose player I was sure was bluffing. He called it off with bottom pair!


Event 2 - $11 NLHE

Finished 14216/23228 (Top 61%) - No Cash (3150 cashed)

This was my biggest regret of Day 1 as I didn't play the deep stack well. I built a big stack early on when my JJ beat AK via a straight. However an hour and a half in a very loose player to my left makes a ridiculous overshove and I have TT so I call despite having 57bb. I probably should have let it go. He flips over AKs so we are flipping but I lose out to the ace on the river,


Event 3 - $3.30 NLHE 6-Max

Finished 418 / 31155 (Top 2%) - $26.17 (3900 cashed)

My first deep run! I had a really loose first table so I was able to slowly pick off players with small pots and build up a decent stack which saw me easily into the money. I was actually down to about 3 big blinds once we got to 2000 remaining but a couple of big hands saw me rebuild pretty quickly. After 300 hands my table was finally broken up, When I joined my new table I was joking that I was going to win the tournament because of the way I'd bounced back which I think created a loose image for me. Unfortunately for the guy bantering with me my first hand was pocked aces so I open shoved, and they held up against his KQs giving me an 80bb stack. 

Half an hour later I busted. I was on the button, and the whale to my right (opened 68% of hands in 48 sample) opens with a min raise. With QJo and 21bb remaining (he has 23 bb) I shoved, everyone else folded, and the whale called. Unfortunately he flipped over KK! The flop gives me extra outs with a flush draw, but no improvement came and I'm out in 418th. Still, a good 6 hour run, and great to get 20 points on the leadership board.


Event 4 - $5.50 NLHE Turbo Zoom

Finished 4609 / 20619 (Top 22%) - No Cash (2700 cashed)

Zoom tournaments are definitely fun and unique. Despite being in for only 1hr 20min, I made the top fifth of the field and played 322 hands. Unfortunately I came just short of the cash. Again I built a big stack early on picking up 98bb when two weak opponents shoved AKo and TJo, and I called with JJ. They held up to give me a 250bb stack! I went on a long dry run though and eventually dwindled down to 20bb, when I picked up AJo UTG+1. I min-raised, and was called by the cut off. Flop comes J85 the pot is larger than my stack so I shoved. Unfortunately the villain had AA and I bust out.


Event 5 - $3.30 NLHE

Finished 8735 / 14620 - No Cash (2025 cashed)

I was deep in Event 3 at this point so not playing my best for this tournament. In my penultimate hand with 62bb I got my chips in when I flopped top set. Unfortunately both villains got a straight on the turn. In the next hand I got in with 77 but lost again to an ace on the river.