So I am a relatively new poker player, been playing for a few months. I am a rather statsy and numbersy type of person so decided I wanted to see how good I could get. Main motivation for me isn't winning money but competing to be the best - got a long way to go! First couple of months I was definitely a losing player without a sense of discipline or bankroll management - definitely too impulsive, making my plays too quickly and not thinking through logically what tournaments are best to play, what is a good spot to get the chips in etc.

The past month though I have been moving towards being break even. I'm going pretty deep in a couple of tournaments (won a $1.50 90-man SNG knockout) and making some decent cashes in the $1 180-man SNGs. So what am I looking to work on:

-Going from running deep to winning more. I spend a lot of time thinking about decisions in the early to middle stages, but I get too carried away (adrenalin?) at the end and often end up busting out spectacularly. Yesterday I was in the last 18 of a 180 with a dominating chip lead, one third of the chips, and ended up busting out in 13th. Given that the end game is where the real money is made, I definitely to be more composed here and not so eager to bust people.

-Good bankroll management. As I write this my roll is $211.60 and I want to maintain 100 buy ins, so no big tournaments (with the exception of tomorrow's Storm which I satellited into). Main focus on 45-180 man SNGs at $2 or under, mixed in with some $0.55 or $1.10 MTTs.

-Reading other players. I definitely need to start thinking more and assigning people ranges, and using logic to deduce what people have, rather than simply focusing on my hand. Observation is my real weakness.

Any suggestions of resources for these areas would be grand. Look forward to sharing my journey with y'all!