For a few months now, I have been playing with a $20 deposit that I have grown into a bankroll of over $100.  It may sound small, but for someone who was making regular monthly deposits ($20 - $50), it is a big accomplishment for me / my poker game!  Eventhough I am doing alright with my bankroll this time, (had lost $300 BR twice since 2005 by playing wrong stakes and getting cocky), I have been second guessing my ambition for the game. 

Before New Years, I was pondering whether poker was just going to be a recreational game for me or whether or not I wanted to see if I could take it to the next level.  Understand, I really like poker - so much that I have comsumed myself with every aspect ever since I watched my first televised poker game in 2005.  However, I have had so many ups and downs (as we all do I guess), that I was just beginning to question whether poker was just going to be something I did for fun or whether I really wanted to learn/evolve to be a better, more successful poker player.

SO, on New Years Eve, my poker fate was going to be dicided on in one particular tourney - If I did not do well than poker was just going to be something I played for fun.  If I did well than I would work harder at taking my game to the next level.

With hubby at work and my dog Orbison sound asleep, I found myself with some Me time and an itch for a poker game.  At 7pm ET on New Years Eve, I bought into a $1.10 NLH Tourney  with 1821 other players.  After 7 hours of play, I found myself at the Final Table (which I have not made in a field that big in a very long time).  I was knocked out in 4TH - turning my $1.10 buyin into over $100,,,,,Not only did this boost my confidence as a poker player, but.....There was my answer!!! 

My goal for this year is to keep increasing my poker bankroll and NOT have to make a deposit into my account! (lol...Sorry PokerStars)

Best of luck at the tables! See you on the felt!!