......yeah so I finished the video.....I had a lot of fun doing it  ..... come now at least give me an E for effort. I only had ten days to do it and funny thing is that I had just got the camcorder about 2 weeks before I entered the tournament....the software wasn't even in the laptop yet....I knew nothing about making videos so it was a crash course....I know the program very well now.  Top it off I had a tournament on Sat. 9th for the second round of The Big Game....talk about multi-tasking and yes I made it though to the third round....---this is two--
NAPT I'm coming after you!!!!

.....yeah so I have this play list that inspired me for this video Eminem---his words just speak to me >>>Enrique--I love to dance>>>Lady Gaga---need I say more>>>Madonna---queen of pop in my younger days>>>>Mylie----hope she stays a good girl>>>>Nickelback-----CANADIAN HELLO!!!!!!!>>>>Pitbull---dance nut>>>>Marroon 5 -----oooh that boy has a sexy voice>>>>Young Artists for Haiti (waving flag)--my charity.

....tomorrow is one month since I started my blogs and playing on this site, I'm happy with my progress.

Well I hope you liked it and thanks for watching (the powers that be) I will keep coming after your tournaments I have a goal....