One day I just happen to be flipping through the channels, flew by the Fox one but caught a glimpse of Daniel, stopped to watch and low and behold the challenge was on. First time I seen it. Thought to myself, self this is your chance, so I downloaded the software (which of course was the wrong one) but did receive help when I asked (thanks support staff). ok so now I have to make a 2 minute video on why Fox and the Stars should pick me to be on the show.....well because I am tired of practicing this game and want to bring it to the real table. Five years is a long time to practice I follow instructions very well, the site offered a poker school, I was in there lickity split. I've been on this site for less then a month, so I'm thinking I'm not doing to bad. I've never had to make a video before and I'm not to keen on that thought. Why you ask??? Well the camcorder is only 2 weeks old, I haven't even put the software in the (oh brand new laptop that is only 4 days old), so learning the laptop and the camcorder then on top of that have to make this damn movie....not liking it.