I decided to skip the challenge for the rest of January. Actually, I will take a break, Last week have been terrible with a lot if bad beats. They have resulted in tilt and a loss of money and tournament, I'm about +12 in January now, was +25 a week ago. It dont sound much, but on lowest microlevel, it is.

The bad beats have been AA loosing 2/3 in an hour, several flushes looses to fullhouse ni the river and so on.

I'm also a chessplayer, and the funny (?) thing is this last week have been terrible there as well. I've gone from low 2000 to 1690 in rating on ICC, That is a lot! The same phenomenon have appeared before. My gues us is it's not just tilt, it's some kind of mental imbalance since I can't blame chess for bad beat

I will probably play a few SNG 45/90. The losses are small, and I keep it going. In PS Premier I will probably win 20usd (my points have ben enough earlier months), but I wont play any more for at least a week.

Bye for now!