December is over in poker for me. Time to evaluate the challanges.

Since Xmas Eve, I've been sick and played very sparsely. Therefore I take the rest of the month off and start prepare for January

The DecemberChallenge in retrospective was way to easy. Most goals was fullfilled after 20 days. Only one was clearly missed, and one I resign today. I'm very close, but a few restdays is more important. Some comments:

NL: Easy done. Next month will be one level higher (2/5 cent). The few tests Ive done says this will be tough. The daily limits will be 1,5 times December, that is 45c a day

NL sh: Also easy. However, I will keep the same level another month since I played so little sh. However, the daily goal will be higher: 25cent (+70%)

Fix: This one I barely missed. It's a frustrating one, where TPTK is worth almost nothing. The problem is to adjust and fold hand like KJo when to many are involved. Will keep the same goal here, and prioritise it from the beginning.

Fix SH: Quit easy done in December. I will keep the level, but raise the goal to 25 cents/day. If I succed in adjust my hands (like Fix), it will be done

O8 PL: Esay done in December, and my old favourite. Therefire, I will try to raise the goal and limit in January: 30 cents

O PL: This I really messed up early. I now bought two books, and will put some effort into the game. If I can handle the variance, I think it will be good. Actually, I'm up 5 usd from mid-Dec. If it was a downswing, bad play or a combination, I dont now. But feels like it will turn. Goal and limit stands

MTT: I will end about place 100 in PokerSchool Premier League, and that's mean 20 usd. Will probably play a few more. My goal next month is to be top 80 which will mean 50 usd. For that I need appr 1750 points (1700 in dec).

In total, this means I will win 1,70 usd/day, or 51 usd in January. If I'm even close, I will be happy!

Until next year, have a great time!