It's almost halftime, and a new report of the progress. I strongly suspect I will play more the second half because of the holidays, so I should have reached just below 50% to be on track.

NL: I've reached about 60%, clearly on the track
NL Sh: Above 100%, ie goal reached yesterday. "Easy" when I concentrate and play shorter stunts
Fix: Just above 50%. Feels safe, but swings more than I like...
Fix Sh: Was on 68% until a big loosing session yesterday. Now on about 30%. Still feels reachable, but once again: NEED TO CONCENTRATE !! NO TV
O8 PL: Reached about a week ago. Proud about this one.
O PL: The black sheep... I was down 6 usd, played up to 3,5 and the lost 2 more. Feels like I start to get the hang of it, but needs a lot of practice. Will most likely miss the goal, but will try no reach break even.

MTT: I'm on place 328 in PSPL. Two days ago, I had something big on the way. Allin vs shorter stack w AT vs A) and lost. Next hand tilt and out on 100th place. Yesterday I simply played BAD, was not in the mood. Anyway, top 500 still the goal and feels very reachable.

I started to think ahead. How will the goals be in January? Most likely, I will go up one level in some variants, and at the same time raise the goal by 50%. Will be tough psychologically, but in skill it should easily be possible. The games I will move up in is NL sh and maybe NL & O8PL since I fell "safe" in those. The rest wil probably have to wait. The goal for MTT most likely will stay the same.

Anyway, time to go back to work. Next report in about a week. Hope to have reached the goal in at least one more variant by then...