Today about one third of the month is gone. I thougt it's time to give a little statusreport.

NL: A little before the schedule. My recipe have been to play mostly small pots, big only as a big favorite
NL SH: A little behind. I was better until today, when I lost a big coinflip pot (QQ vs AK). Stupid of me to enter it...
Fix: A little behind after a bad session (and tilt...) yesterday. Feels like I will reach it later on.
Fix SH: A little before schedule. I must be concentrated when playing, if the TV is on it a losing session...
Omaha HiLo: I reached the goal (6,20 usd or/ 20c/dayay and will not play it more this month. Will think about the new goal for Jan. Should it be higher, or I simply had a lucky month? I will think about it!
Omaha High: Disaster! I'm down almost 6 usd, and losing every session. It could be a losing streak, but I think I'm simply bad! Anyone know a good book for this variant?

MTT: I played 5 PL. Two places top 30 and three bottom half have me on appr 170th place. I'm well into my goal (top 500 / ITM) and satisfied. Now the question is, should I stop playing when I', sure to have enough points, or go on training and risk the moneyplace

Thats all for now! See you!