A little late, but here are my challenges for December. They are much lower than in November, but still would net 37,50 usd if I succed.

PokerSchool Premier League: End in the money, ie top 500

NL: 9,30 usd
NL shorthand: 4,5 usd
Limit: 7,5 usd
Limit shorthand: 4,5 usd
Omaha Hi/Lo PL: 6 usd
Omaha High OK: 6 usd

I will try to play most days in PL (MTT)

In cash, I will try to play NL, Fix sh and Omaha Hi/Lo day one and the rest day two. That way, I'll play 4 variants a day.

It started ok, after three days I follow the plan in most games, is Omaha Hi where I'm a lot back. But I have a lot of time to repair that awful day...

I noticed I often start very good, up 1 dollar  or something. Then I get hybris and start to take risks and are soon back to negative numbers. Then I start polaying small pots, get up on decent plus and quit. Why cant I just play more cautious from th start?